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The estimated resident population of San Juan County is 16,180 for 2015. Its total growth from 2005 to 2015 was 6.6%, lower than the 12.1% growth rate observed for the state over the same period. 

The only incorporated city in San Juan County is Friday Harbor (population 2,215 in 2015), up 6.1% in 10 years. 

Age, gender and ethnicity

San Juan County has considerably more individuals age 65 and older (29.4% compared to 14.1% statewide. It  has a lower percentage of those under 18 (14.1% compared to 22.7% statewide). 
Population 2015 16,180
Population 2010 15,180
Percent Change 6.6%

Population by age, 2014
Under 5 years old 3.0%
Under 18 years old 14.1%
65 years and older 29.4%

Race/ethnicity, 2014
White 94.5%
Black 0.6%
American Indian, Alaskan Native 0.9%
Asian,Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander 1.6%
Hispanic or Lation, any race 5.9

Information by Anneliese Vance-Sherman, Ph. D., regional labor economist. 

Other Sources of Information

Land Area

San Juan County has a land surface of about 174.9 square miles of shoreline. Its land area is the smallest of the state's 39 counties.
  • San Juan (55.3 square miles)

  • Many of the smaller islands are uninhabitable or in public ownership. Fewer than 50 of the 172-island archipelago are potentially available for private development.